Ronke, what are you doing...

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The limits—just don’t blow the joint up—figuratively or literally

Black Bettie at SLAC

“Black Bettie and I spent the day, May 10 at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center—SLAC—for short.  SLAC is a National Laboratory of the Department of Energy and is over a mile long and straddles major earthquake fault zone in California.  SLAC is also where many of the sub-sub atomic particles were first discovered.  It specializes […]

Statement on Cancellation of NASA’s Constellation Program

I am one of those kids from the sixties inspired by the success of the Apollo program. While I achieved part of my dream of going into space on the shuttle, I was — and am – disappointed that even though my mission was 23 years after humans first stepped foot on the moon, I […]

Ronke, what are you doing…

I want to introduce you to a neat person, Dr. Ronke Olabisi.  She is a post-doctoral fellow (that means she has a PhD—in bioengineering in this case) at Rice University researching and developing cutting edge ideas and ways to make bone.  She is using nanostructures, polymer matrix materials and creative ways to get our osteocysts […]