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Jacqueline Green

Changing dynamics: Green has learned from Ailey veterans like Matthew Rushing.

Photo by Eduardo Patino, Courtesy AAADT.

Last December, Jacqueline Green’s performance as a flirty working girl out on the town in Another Night, Kyle Abraham’s new work for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, was a lesson in technical strength and stage presence. Fluid but precise, she moved with feline self-possession across the New York City Center stage. Later, in Ailey’s trademark Revelations, her unabashed joy, attention to detail, and regal steadiness carried her through with a maturity rare in a relative newcomer.

Robert Battle, Ailey’s artistic director, says all these qualities caught his eye when Green danced in Ailey II. “What struck me about Jacqueline was not only her obvious physical prowess, but her ability to transmit emotion without having to step on the gas fully,” he says. “It seemed natural for her to exude confidence and daring. It’s just her being.”