[Scientific American] Celebrating My Sheros: Dr. Mae Jemison



By DNLee

March 25, 2012

SOURCE: Scientific American

If you happened to read my Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day post from October 7, 2011, then you may have gleaned that I have this awesome fangirl obsession with THE Dr. Mae Jemison. As a young girl, I remember her being a member of the Space Shuttle Team, Endeavor, which launched in 1992. She was the very first African-American woman to travel in space; and she was an inspiration to young people everywhere…especially this girl.

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[Huffington Post] The Space Age, Race and a Quiet Revolution



By Dr. Mae Jemison

April 30, 2014

SOURCE: Huffington Post

In 1992, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made world history. I was on that flight, it was noted in the news: the first woman of color in space. When the Endeavour left the earth, the face of the space exploration changed.

When I returned to Earth, I was interviewed about my flight. “It is important, yes for young black girls to see me aboard exploring space. But it is just as critical that older white men who make so many decisions about engineering scholarships see me and understand the talent and potential of those girls,” I said.

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