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“I’m an original series Star Trek fan- one of our best fantasies”
Great science fiction was imaginative leaps in science and technology to set the stage for exploration of our place in the universe and out interaction with each other

The mutual love affair between America’s true-life NASA space program and the fictional Starfleet of Star Trek was never more evident than when Dr. Mae Jemison, a onetime space shuttle veteran and the first female black astronaut in space, appeared in a speaking role in TNG’s “Second Chances.” No active U.S. astronaut is allowed to appear in such private productions, but Jemison—a veteran of a 1992 Endeavour shuttle flight as a science mission specialist—appeared as Lieutenant Palmer in 1993, soon after leaving NASA after seven years as an active-duty astronaut.

After the publicity surrounding her flight, LeVar “Geordi” Burton realized he and Jemison had a mutual friend who told him of the astronaut’s love of the show and being inspired by Nichelle “Uhura” Nichols as a young girl. He urged her to come on for the appearance –

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