Body Politic

Education and social responsibility are essential to improving and elevating the lives of ourselves and others. Click here to learn more about Dr. Mae’s role and involvement in STEM Education and Social Responsibility through the Dorothy Jemison Foundation, Fortune 500 Corporate Boards, The Earth We Share, EXPO Inspire and Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense. Also, check out Derring Do the intelligent and fun cat who make learning exciting and cool for children and youth.

The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence

The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence (DJF) develops and implements teaching methods, curricula, materials and programs that foster educational experiences resulting in individuals fully able to participate and contribute effectively and beneficially to society. DJF, a non-profit foundation places special emphasis on building critical thinking skills, experiential teaching methods, science literacy, integrated approaches to learning and individual responsibility in achieving excellence.


Corporate Boards

Dr. Mae Jemison’s dynamic background and experience as an engineer, physician, astronaut, educator and innovator have made her an asset for providing profound knowledge on various topics such as sustainability, innovation and best practices. She serves on the Board of Directors for Kimberly-Clark, Scholastic and Valspar.


The Earth We Share (TEWS)

The Earth We Share (TEWS) engages students and teachers from around the world in meeting these vital challenges.TEWS seeks to increase middle school and secondary school students’ science literacy and problem solving skills, build knowledge of the impact of science and technology on society, increase understanding of societal and environmental impact on science endeavors, and enhance teacher skills in experiential education.


EXPO Inspire

EXPO INSPIRE! is a one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience designed to inspire and encourage young children to accomplish extraordinary feats in the future of space exploration.


BAYER: Making Science Make Sense

Bayer’s company-wide initiative that advances science literacy through hands-on, inquiry based science learning, employee volunteerism and public education


 Derring Do

Derring Do provides an interactive, fun, engaging environment for children to learn, explore and dream. This section provides resources for students and educators of all ages.