The Dorothy Jemison Foundation For Excellence



The Dorothy Jemison Foundation for Excellence (DJF) develops and implements teaching methods, curricula, materials and programs that foster educational experiences resulting in individuals fully able to participate and contribute effectively and beneficially to society. DJF, a non-profit foundation places special emphasis on building critical thinking skills, experiential teaching methods, science literacy, integrated approaches to learning and individual responsibility in achieving excellence.
The goals of the foundation are modeled around the teaching principles and life accomplishments of Mrs. Dorothy M. Jemison. Mrs. Jemison-a highly effective, dedicated, educator for over twenty-five years in some of the most difficult schools in the Chicago Public School system– believed that each person can and should be expected to achieve a level of excellence that allows a unique contribution to society. And educators, parents, teachers, school boards, governments, and society at large must foster these achievements. Her formula for “personal excellence” was instilled early in her own highly motivated, successful children and many of the students she taught throughout her career. DJF works to capture and implement the caveats of excellence Mrs. Jemison advocated and translate them into programs to enhance achievement and individual excellence throughout the world. Our return on investment is the creation of a workforce society that understands and appreciates other nations, cultures, and societies.
The Earth We Share™ (TEWS) international science camp, DJF’s premiere program founded in 1994, focuses on the mission of the foundation. TEWS is designed to promote science literacy for all students. Students from across the United States and around the world work together to solve current global dilemmas like “How Many People can the Earth Hold” and “Predict the Hot Public Stocks for the Year 2030.” Other programs including: Shaping the World, an international essay contest; Earth On-Line, Internet Chat Room; a 24-hour International Internet Youth Conference where students are on-line around the globe to discuss issues of importance to their present and future; Listening to the Future, a worldwide survey soliciting youth opinions; and the Reality leads Fantasy Gala that emphasizes adults responsibility to commit to the future today. Seven noteworthy adults were paired with seven dynamic students to share experiences and get a peek into the future!
Dr. Mae C. Jemison, former NASA astronaut and the world’s first woman of color to go into space, founded DJF in honor of her late mother with her brother and sister. Dr. Jemison is founder and president of BioSentient Corporation, an innovative leader in real-time monitoring of the autonomic nervous system located in Houston, Texas.