Expo Inspire

Expo Inspire

EXPO INSPIRE! is a one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience designed to inspire and encourage young children to accomplish extraordinary feats in the future of space exploration. Students will engage in a variety of hands-ons experiments and activities that captivate their imagination while also educating them about the wonders of space travel so that the students leave the expo with a new understanding for the breadth and width of space exploration, and its impact on the world as a whole.

EXPO INSPIRE! will consist of numerous hands-on, interactive activities with mathematicians, engineers, rocket scientists, biologists, and astronauts, such as:

— Live Stage for Science Talks, NASA Demonstrations, and Musical Performances
— Inflatable Planetarium
— Scholastic Book Fair
— Weather Station
— Food in Exploration
— Science Experiments
— Sticky Icky (Polymer)
— Chromatography Experiments
— Art and Drawing Stations
— NASA Displays
— Starship Quest!

These hands-on experiments and activities are designed to capture student’s imagination and focus while seamlessly educating them on concepts from engineering, science, design, space, and social responsibility.